Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No more feeding tubes!

The feeding tubes are out, and both boys are doing excellent!  The nurses were a little doubtful of William being able to handle a full day without it, as he is more easily tired out from the bottles, but he's actually done better than Aaron tonight.  Hopefully they will keep it up!  It's so nice to be able to see more of their faces, and I'm sure they feel better without a tube stuck up their noses and down their throats...I wouldn't like it :)

There is talk of Aaron being ready to go home in about a week and a half.  This is great, but Stephen has drill next weekend, so I'm actually kind of hoping he'll wait until the 12th to come home, so that Stephen is here too.  I'd manage if he wasn't home, I always do as it's a normal part of the life of a military/firefighter wife, but still prefer that he be here for Aaron's homecoming! William could follow quickly behind him, it just depends on when he can get over the apnea.  He did have a little spell this morning, but they are slowly decreasing in frequency and severity.  Thank goodness :)

Aaron & William


  1. Just got caught up from the past few days and could they be any cuter snuggling next to each other?!?! Pure sweetness:) I loved the 2 month tie pictures as well and the cute "o" face they make! Forget baby steps, they are making huge strides! Lots of positive thoughts for a smooth homecoming soon -

  2. Love this news and photo!! Any way we can help with the plans for a homecoming? Your church family loves to do meals!!!