Monday, August 1, 2011

A Good Week

This has been a great week for the boys - let's pray for another one!  They have both recovered nicely from their PDA ligation, and are now eating and breathing well.  They are both eating half an ounce every 3 hours, and should have their PICC lines removed within the next two days.  This means that they will be getting all of their nutrition just through my milk (fortified with extra vitamins), the best thing for them.

Weight Check
William - 2lb 14oz
Aaron - 2lb 8oz

I'm starting to feel more and more like their mommy, and like I have three kids.  Not that I didn't feel this way before, but the situation is just a bit unnatural.  A few weeks ago, our primary nurse had asked me to fill out a sheet listing the boys' preferences - what stresses them out, what makes them happy, what we do for them.  I was hesitant to fill it out (still haven't, actually) because I didn't feel like I knew them well enough yet...we're just there a few hours a day, but the nurses are there 24/7.  They do rotate through different nurses, but I felt like their primary nurse would know them better or would disagree with some things that I'd say.  The whole subject of that sheet, and every time she'd ask for it, made me unhappy.  I'm happy/relieved to now feel like I know them better than all of the nurses!

Hopefully the updates will remain short for most days.  We really want the boys to be at a point where they're just feeding and growing, with not much else to report :)

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