Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Face Time

Another good day for the boys!  We did kangaroo holds with both, and then Stephen held Aaron just swaddled while I gave William a good wipe down in his isolette.  I then swaddled and held William for a bit.  The nurse today suggested that when we have time for both of us to hold both boys, to do one hold with the skin to skin contact, which is so good for the baby, and the other just swaddled so we can get to look at them.  I like this idea...why didn't I think of it? :)  It's awesome to just hold them and look at them.  William was more awake and alert today, so it was a good day to bathe and hold him.  He was much calmer today.

The big news for the day is that we should be able to hold both at once, by one person, within the next week!  It's easier to do this swaddled than kangaroo, but that's fine as we'll be able to see both of them while we hold.  This will be really good on days when Stephen and I are both working, and my time to hold is shorter (I go back to work part-time for now on the 8th).  I'd love to sit with both of them at once for a good few hours.  Yay!

I will post more has been a good day and I could add a few details, but mommy and daddy need sleep!

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