Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 6

Insert creative title above.

No real news for today for the boys, but no news is good news.  Aaron is still on the CPAP (yay!) and William looks good.  They both get their second dose of the second round of the heart meds tonight.  Aaron is back under the bili lights, but hopefully will be off soon.  We're really proud of the little guys for breathing so well so young.  William's blood gases were all excellent today, so hopefully when his duct is fixed he will also move to the CPAP.

In other news, our lives are now completely scheduled between pumping, naptime, meals, and factoring in the 45 minute each way, twice daily, drives to the hospital.  The exhaustion will end, right?  One of my coworkers lives right next to the hospital and has offered her house to us during the day - we plan on taking her up on that next week, which will be a huge help.  (THANK YOU!)

Again, I read everything that anyone sends to us, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have such support.  Just be patient with responses :)

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  1. Thinking of you guys! You are in our thoughts and prayers! We are enjoying the blog and seeing the progress of the Conley Twins!

    Rusty, April, Hunter & Bryce