Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Cheers

Another good day today.  William does have his picc line in now - it was actually in yesterday, which I failed to notice.  Good job, mommy :)  William is up to 6ccs of milk every 3 hours, which is excellent.  Aaron still has bile in his tummy, so they had another ECHO of his heart done today.  They hear a murmur again, which leads the doctor to believe the PDA may have opened back up some more.  This would affect his digestion as blood would not be circulating properly, so he's off of milk and just on the TPN for now.  We'll find out the results tomorrow, and figure out how to proceed from there.  This is not overly concerning to me as it's something they can fix.  We need to get the itty bitty guy eating some more!  Still, overall it was a good day for the little guys.

Please keep the babies in your prayers, as well as the other families in the NICU.  The place is full of little fighters!



All tucked in:

Kangaroo time with daddy:  (Tilt your head to the right, the picture was not cooperating)


Snuggled and sucking on his paci:

Soooo adorable:


  1. As a fellow micro preemie twin mom, please know I am praying doe not only your boys but also for you, your husband, and your sweet daughter. I know the toll this roller coaster takes on everyone.

  2. I look forward to reading your updates every night! I am praying for you and those precious babies every day. Love seeing their new pictures... adorable!