Thursday, July 14, 2011

40oz Down the Drain

Sing it to the tune of 16 candles down the drain (the draaaaiiin) :)

Stephen made it to the hospital early this morning to hold Aaron, who had a good day.  Supposedly he had more desats this morning than William, but William caught up by this afternoon.  My holding time was again cut short by an ugly apnea/brady spell, which was followed by another, worse, one not much later.  The second spell was probably due to a big bowel movement...when they strain to "go" they can hold their breath, and then can't get it back.  There is a potential cause for his continued episodes - the blood culture from last night showed signs of infection in the PICC line.  Because of this, William is now on another round of antibiotics.  They believe they caught it early, which is good.  We were hoping he'd have the PICC line out in the next few days, but now he'll have to keep it in until the antibiotics are done.

In mommy news, I've been kicked out of the NICU tomorrow.  I thought I was tired today, with a slight headache this morning, due to Anna's several late nights and just a general lack of sleep.  I started to feel worse throughout the day though and left the NICU to go nap.  The boys' nurse thought I looked bad and like I was about to cry (because of William's last episode), and urged me to leave to get rest.  By the time I got home after my nap, I was in a lot of pain on one side and felt like I was going to die of flu-like symptoms.  Based on the high fever and location of the pain, I knew I had mastitis, which was confirmed by the on-call doctor at my OB's office.  So now I'm on an antibiotic and should feel better within the next day or two.

Typically, babies would be able to continue nursing with mastitis.  With William's and Aaron's weakened immune system, though, I have to pump and dump for the next 24 hours until the antibiotic kicks in.  Hence the 40 ounces down the drain!  If I felt better, I'd take the opportunity to have a nice adult drink, but I'll settle on some nice coffee drink tomorrow.  I feel like I'm leaving things out today, but I'll catch up tomorrow.  Off to bed!

Aaron has his next head ultrasound tomorrow - please pray that everything is stable.


  1. Enjoy that coffee drink and don't forget about YOU! I know that's easier said than done:) Love reading the good news in your recent posts and prayers for continued progress. The apnea spells are's gut wrenching and terrifying to watch their little bodies go through that. Thinking of you often and amazed by your little fighters!

  2. God bless you, Helen. I pray that today's ultrasound went well for Aaron and that William's antibiotics work beautifully and address the apnea. Wish I could help you, errands? How about dinner? Have Anna over for fun? Please let me know.