Friday, July 22, 2011

Successful Surgery #2

What a week - we went from a beautiful, healthy, Sunday to a quick round infection, breathing issues, and surgery.  Thankfully, Aaron's surgery was successful today as well, and he seems to be recovering even better than William.  The first few days of life were rougher on Aaron despite William's more traumatic entry, but since then he's had less issues, so his good recovery is no surprise.  He seems to be breathing fairly well on the regular ventilator and could be extubated within the next day or two. 

William is also recovering well.  He is still on the jet ventilator, and has some weaning to do in order to get back on the regular ventilator.  It may take him a little longer to be extubated given his history of apnea/brady spells. He is also a little Pillsbury Dough Boy right now - he has edema from the surgery and is on diuretics to reduce the fluid.  He should be back to his usual itty bitty size in the next 2 days.

The next few days will be focused on recovery.  They will be given medicine to manage their pain as needed, and time to rest and heal.  We look forward to holding them again, as snuggle time will give them the best recovery (in my opinion anyway!) :)

We are also looking forward to the birth tonight of William and Aaron's future best buddies (no pressure there).  Prayers to their family for two strong healthy boys and a quick recovery from delivery!


  1. Two strong little dudes...nice job Conley boys! I agree that snuggle time is the best recovery plan!


  2. Please know we are thinking of you all!! Those are some tough little boys already! Love from Jersey...Rusty, April, Hunter and Bryce