Saturday, March 31, 2012

9 Months!

Okay, I'm a few days late on this!

Weight Check
William - 19lb 6 oz
Aaron - 18lb 14oz

As you can see, there are no issues in the weight department!  The boys are now 9 months old, and almost 6 months adjusted.  They are still short for their adjusted age, but 75th-90th percent for weight.

We do have some news this month... we'll call it super cute news.  Aaron will be getting glasses some time in the fall.  This is appropriate because he's always been our little professor :)  He is nearsighted, at -3.75 in one eye and -4 in the other.  As with full term kids, nearsightedness tends to get worse as the child grows - but should still be correctable with glasses, then contacts if he chooses, and maybe eventually Lasik when he's an adult.  The nearsightedness is not due to the ROP - the retinopathy of prematurity is completely gone for both boys (another thank you to Avastin!).  Prematurity itself can cause nearsightedness, but genes probably also play a big part because my eyesight was worse than Aaron's prior to my Lasik last month (yay!).  The eye doctor examined William last, and his first remark was "Unbelievable!"...I had to sit there for several seconds with quick, fleeting, negative possibilities running through my mind before he interpreted the remark.  Surprisingly, William is slightly farsighted at +1, which is completely normal for kids. We will keep an eye on him as well though.  I'm a touch concerned about strabismus with him, as he sometimes will go cross eyed, but that is also normal for young babies and is constantly getting better.

Developmentally, they are still socially ahead.  They love to be held and cuddled, and love interaction with family.  They have the best little belly laughs and are easily entertained.  Aaron is the fussier of the two, but he's still a good baby.  Aaron is also more responsive to strangers - he is a complete flirt, with men and women, and has the sweetest grin when people look at him.  William is the wild man.  He attacks anything and everything he can get his hands on...and puts it straight in his mouth.  Sometimes we'll catch them sucking on each other's hands, which is super cute.

Physically, they are also doing great.  Aaron has the advantage here, as he rolls over better and can sit propped better.  William has the better extension in his back when sitting, but I think that because he's a little more rigid, he falls over more easily.  Aaron's posture is slightly slumped, but he can balance pretty well in the sitting position.  We are still working on William's tightness, Aaron's extension, and also tightness in Aaron's neck - his head leans to the left a lot, so we're trying to get him straight :)

We've also started giving them baby food, which is fun.  They're still young, so this is more for the practice than the nutrition.  William, the monster that he is, will attack the spoon and shove the whole thing in his mouth, so we have to restrain him a bit, and he LOVES it.  Aaron doesn't welcome it, but is starting to open his mouth for it more and makes the cutest looks of slight disgust as he chews it.  He actually does a better job keeping it in his mouth and swallowing, even though he doesn't like it as much.  No teeth have yet made an appearance in either of them, but teething is still in full force.

On a side note, I did accept a new position with a different company a few weeks ago.  I miss my coworkers, but the new position will be better for the family as far as benefits/time/stress are concerned.  I was hoping to win the Mega Millions last night in order to resign from the working world and enter into full-time mommyhood and volunteering, but that plan didn't quite work out :)  Maybe next time!

Aaron & William

William & Aaron