Thursday, August 30, 2012

14 Months!

The boys are 14 months as of earlier this week!  They are still amazing little boys :)  They should be close to 22 pounds now, but we haven't had their weights checked in about a month.

They continue to become more and more mobile - both are cruising along furniture with ease, and will let go for a second and stand on their own.  Aaron is super close to walking by himself - he likes walking with the push toys across the room, and seems to have a good sense of balance.  William is getting there, he's just always been a little behind Aaron in movement.

They still babble a lot, and say Mama and Daddy, and possibly a Grammee and Grandma and Anna...but it's hard to tell if they really mean what they sound like :)  I'm waiting for the speech to pick up more - they are on track, though.

They have their own little personalities.  Aaron is super, super cute - he makes the funniest faces and has the cutest grin.  He's more laid back and pretty much takes everything in stride.  William is the pretty boy, and acts like a puppy :)  He's very vocal when he wants something or isn't happy.  He's also more of the mama's boy, for now at least.  They love to make each other laugh, which is the best sound ever, and enjoy doing things like head butting each other for entertainment.  Silly boys.  

We had developmental clinic at the beginning of the month.  Both measure at their adjusted age, with William slightly ahead of Aaron due to the better fine motor skills (he has a better pincer grasp than Aaron, who still does a lot of the raking motion when picking up small items).  Aaron has better control of his overall upper body, though.  Both of William's legs are still slightly tight, and his trunk, so we have stretches to do at home to help with rotation.  The tightness in his trunk is keeping him from moving from a crawling to sitting position, but he has learned to go from crawling to a kneeling position on his own.  It'll come with time.  

Aaron is tighter in his left leg, which we need to stretch so that he can stay symmetrical.  With the tightness just on one side, there's a chance that the other leg can get longer.  Also, because he's stronger on his right side, his left foot tends to turn out and his right foot turns in (so they're parallel to each other, just not facing straight out).  This may/should start to correct itself as he gets older and walking, and I've found it to be better since the clinic noted it at the beginning of the month.

We do have a few visits in September - Aaron, and possibly William, should be getting glasses on the 10th.  Aaron is also getting tubes that week, because he has had a few ear infections this year, and we were able to arrange the circumcisions at the same time as the tubes so that Aaron only has to undergo anesthesia once. 

So, we still have some things to work on and continue to have a barely manageable load of doctors' appointments between all three kids, but really...who could ask for anything better?  We are so, so lucky that the boys are doing this well, and I know it makes me appreciate the quality time I have with them that much more.

Now that the boys are no longer under quarantine, we've been able to attend a lot of family functions this summer, which has been nice. I'm looking forward to next summer when the boys are running around and we're able to do even more :)  

A couple of pictures

William & Aaron

Aaron & William