Saturday, July 16, 2011


The NICU was bustling today, with at least 6 new admissions since last night.  I was on constant monitor check with the continous surround sound beeping, but thankfully the monitors were (usually) not for Aaron or William.  Our prayers are with the other families in the NICU right now, it's not typically an expected or joyful entry. 

William did have enough desats, though, to again prevent us from holding him.  I read and sang to him for a good amount of time while just holding on to him in his isolette.  His PICC line was removed and he now has a temporary line in his arm which will be removed in a few days.  Hooray for line removals!  It hurts me that they have so many needles/wires/tubes sticking their tiny bodies.  I understand the purpose, but hate that they have to endure the poking and prodding. 

Aaron did get good cuddle time in today.  His feeds are up again today to 14ccs, moving him a little closer to William and hopefully closer to having his PICC line removed.  He has been breathing fairly well, but has been on the CPAP because the nasal cannula was irritating his nose.  When the nurse took off the CPAP this afternoon to clean him, she noticed that the irritation was worse from the mask pushing up his nose.  The doctor came over and her remarks - lovely to hear - including "Oh my, that looks horrible!" resulted in the removal of the CPAP completely and immediately...and now he's under a plastic oxygen hood.  It looks like a big bubble over his head and contains the air that's being blown in to assist with his breathing.  The doctor is also going to have a plastic surgeon take a look at his nose to make sure there's nothing else they need to do in order for it to heal properly.  I wonder if preemies can get nose jobs?  That's the last thing I thought they might need from this experience!  It should heal, though.

In mommy and daddy news - I am feeling much better today, and we took the evening off to see Harry Potter!  It was excellent...but read the books first, or you'll never understand everything that went on :)
Here are two pictures from today, taken with Stephen's phone since my battery died:

William, all stretched out - his diaper is huge!:

Aaron, the spaceman:

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