Saturday, July 23, 2011


The boys had peaceful, restful days today, with a good visit from Anna, my parents, and me.  This was Grandpa's first visit!  The ventilator settings are steadily being weaned down for each of them, with the goal to move William back to the regular ventilator soon and Aaron back to CPAP or the cannula.  (If, like me, you want to quantify "soon"...there's no exact timeline as it depends on the boys.  "Soon" could be within the next day or next week. I always ask for definitions of the vague time terms and receive the same depends on the boys).  Cuddle time is still on hold, but we do get to sit with our hands in the isolette to provide boundaries, which they like.  Other than that, nothing new today, which is good.

We have the best nurses - William's nurse today put a note on his diaper, which I saw when I looked at him in the videocam earlier.  Super, super cute!  I'm not sure how clear the screen shot will be, but the note says "Hi Mommy and Daddy, I have had a great day! Love, William"

I seriously need more pictures of Aaron - I think the lighting is different in his isolette, as the pictures are usually fuzzy.  That will be the goal for tomorrow!

To tide people over until his next picture, here's a cute one of Anna and my dad.  They went fishing in the yard today and caught a pair of shoes!

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