Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Cheers (yet again)

Short update today - Both boys had good cuddle time!  William is back on the nasal cannula, and doing very well on it.  We should get to bathe him tomorrow.  He needs a good wipe down!  No big news for Aaron today, but he had a great day.

Right now, Aaron seems to tolerate pretty much everything better than William.  He's very alert and takes everything in, and responds very well to soothing touches.  William also responds well, but needs a slower approach.  His heart rate gets a bit higher when he's stressed.  He also keeps his eyes closed more than his brother, which may or may not be attributable to the fact that his isolette receives more bright light from the window.  Both will quickly let you know when they're not happy, though, with a good little cry.  The cries are sounding less like kitten meows and more like real baby cries now, which I'm surprisingly happy to hear. 

Aaron did get some "play time" with nursing, after I pumped so that he wouldn't actually get anything out.  He tried!  I believe he needs to grow just a bit before he'll be successful at it.  Hopefully William will be following suit shortly.

Close up of William, since the big guy hasn't had much face time:

Stephen and Aaron yesterday:

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  1. Oh, William, you are so handsome!!! What a great picture! Aaron, you are so handsome, too!! Congratulation to the wonderful Conley-5 family!