Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Cheers Take 2

Today was a good day for the boys even though I wasn't able to see them.  They still got in good daddy time, and it really was best that I stayed home and did nothing but sit on the couch and watch trashy TV movies :)

Stephen had a positive conversation with the neonatologist regarding Aaron's bleeding.  The doctors rotate weekly, and this is our favorite thus far (she is also the owner of the practice).  She sat him down and explained each of the different scans, and showed him how minimal his IVH is for a level 4 compared to what it could be at that level.    This was very reassuring, as it greatly reduces the likelihood for all of the severe outcomes the other doctor had delivered.  If they're delayed in speech or what? :)

In other updates for the day, William's infection has cleared.  Hopefully this will lessen his apnea spells!  He is up to 18ccs of milk every 3 hours, and should have his PICC line removed within the next few days.  Aaron is up to 12ccs every 3 hours.  His PDA is still open, but this doesn't seem to be affecting him at all.  Aaron was moved back to CPAP yesterday or the day before, but only because the nasal cannula was irritating his nose.  The nurse tonight has him in "big boy diapers" as she called them - apparently his little XS preemie diapers are too tight!  From the view on his videocam, the new diaper could swallow his whole body  :)  I can't wait to see it in person, if the nurse tomorrow keeps him in the bigger size.

I can't believe that they're almost 3 weeks old.  As people have told me, this time will be made of long days and short weeks...this has certainly held true.

Thank you again to everyone who has emailed with your stories or with words of support/prayers - all are helpful and appreciated.  I have a ton of other personal thank you's that I need to send out...I keep trying to find ways to say thank you in here but it's just not good enough!

I'll post pictures tomorrow :)

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  1. Looks like the boys are making good progress. Bill and I have been thinking about yall everyday. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    - Kathy and Bill