Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Better Day

Today's visit was a bit shorter than intended, but the boys both had a good day compared to yesterday.  They will both be on the ventilator for a little while, at least through their recovery from the PDA surgery.  William had an excellent afternoon - very few desats.  I still wasn't able to hold him, though.  Hopefully tomorrow!  I did get some cuddle time in with Aaron.  He does so well with our snuggles :)

William's surgery is scheduled for Friday.  Aaron's date will be set once the infection is gone, which is not necessarily at the end of the treatment.  We will have the results from Aaron's lumbar puncture within the next day or two.  Putting this issue behind us should be a good step forward. 

I'm keeping this update short, but there's just not much to report.  I'd rather have nothing new right now than another day like yesterday :)

Congrats to our NICU friends who brought their baby home today!  

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