Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Day

Today was mostly a good day for the boys.  Aaron is now off of the ventilator and onto CPAP!  CPAP stands for "continuous positive airway pressure", and is a huge step up for the little guy.  Basically, it means that he's breathing on his own with just air pressure to assist with keeping his lungs open.  The nurses did let us know that he could get tired of this and go back to the tube, which would be fine.  William was also on CPAP for a few hours, but is now back on the ventilator.  He'll get there.

We also obtained the results from the ECG - both of their ducts have closed a little, but are still open.  They'll start another 3 day round of the indomethacin tonight.  We'll meet with the surgeon if the ducts are still open after this round.  I'm looking forward to them getting off of this medicine so that they can get more food and start getting some meat back on their bones.

Also, both are off of the bili lights now.  I'm not sure if I mentioned the bili lights in the earlier posts, but those are fairly common in both preemies and full term infants to treat jaundice.  They also help with bruising.  Despite William's arrival, Aaron had more bruising because he came out backwards, but it's all starting to fade now.  They had to wear huge eye shields under the lights which are now removed, so it's nice to see their eyes again :)  (Not that they open much yet, but I like it when they do!)  

The nurses were great with Anna today and gave her a peds gown to wear, and paper and crayons so that she could sit and color pictures for her brothers.  She made a beautiful green (of course) sign for each of their incubators.  I'm proud of the big sister :)

Aaron's face is covered again with the straps for the CPAP, so I couldn't get a good picture of him.  Here's another picture of William:

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