Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 4 Update

General Update

No major changes today, which is good.  It started out a bit rough for me as reality is starting to set in, but overall it was a good day.  I got to change William's diaper!  Typical boy - as soon as the old diaper was open, he peed.  We're going to need to learn the tricks to staying dry while changing boys!  I'm also now a pumping machine - even though they can't digest the milk yet, we get to swab their mouths with it for oral care, for the antibodies.   Moo :)

We are looking forward to visits from Brian & Gina (Stephen's brother & his wife) this weekend, and hopefully Steven (my bro) as well. 

I also learned that my dad's mom was born about 3 months early, and under 2 pounds.  Her mom kept her wrapped in cotton, in a shoe box, until her due date.  As the story goes, she made her first cry on her due date and scared her mom :)  With all of the technologies that assist preemies today, stories like that are amazing.

Medical Update

Aaron received another blood transfusion last night, and platelets today.  His hematocrit levels (percent of red blood cells) are good, but the platelet count dropped.  This is probably a result of the indomethacin which is being used to treat the PDA (the open duct in the heart).  William responded well to the first blood transfusion and has not yet needed another.  They probably will need more transfusions at some point, which is not uncommon and not anything to stress about. 

I asked a few more questions today about all of the machines and lines than I had asked the past few days.  The lines going into their belly buttons are giving them the TPN (total parenteral nutrition) and also check the blood gases.  The blood gas tests are used to obtain information on their oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and let the nurses know when and how to adjust the ventilator.  Hopefully they will be off the ventilators within the next week or two.

We'll be able to hold them once the belly button lines come out, maybe in a week or two.  Without the line, the blood gas will be checked via a heel prick.  I'm looking forward to the kangaroo care!

We'll find out the status of the PDA tomorrow.  If the ducts are closed, they will be able to start getting some of my milk down their tube in addition to the TPN.  If not, they should get another round of indomethacin.  We'll find out.

They'll also get another head ultrasound in a week.  Please keep the prayers that the bleeding is stopped/reabsorbed, as this is the issue most concerning at the moment.

Thank you all for your continued love, support & prayers!

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