Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Day Down

Weight Check

Drum roll please...
     Aaron:  2lb 3oz
     William:  2lb 11oz - our big boy!

General Update

Let's days run together so much, I have to look back at the post from the prior day to remember what's new.

William was weaned off of the ventilator and on to CPAP, and is starting to get settled.  It's taking him a little longer than Aaron, but he also has a lot of mucous to work out from being on the ventilator.

Both boys are on 2ccs of milk at each feeding, which could be increased tomorrow or the Thursday.  Both have been weaned from their pain medicines.

I asked again today if there was any chance in getting them moved back to MRMC - the response was a little better this time.  It's highly unlikely that the bleeds will worsen after a few stable ultrasounds, so the chance that they will need shunts or any type of neurosurgery is slim (yay!).  Once they are established on feeds and ensure that they will not develop NEC, they could actually move to the hospital closer to home and work.  This would still be a month or so down the road, but that's better than never!

I can't wait for both boys to be on the cannula, or not on any oxygen...not necessarily because it means they are breathing better, but so that I can see both of their faces!  Aaron was so adorable today.  He was working really hard to suck on the pacifier, then would decide for a second that he didn't know if he liked it, and his face would scrunch up...then he'd try again.  Really cute!


Here are the pictures promised from yesterday:

Aaron with his paci

Aaron on the nasal cannula

William (from last week), with CPAP off

A few from today:

William back on CPAP, scrunchy face

Aaron, all cozy

Aaron sucking his thumb!


  1. What amazing pictures! The difference from day 1 to now is remarkable...what a difference a month makes with such loving care!

    All the best!


  2. What great pictures! They are so handsome and so glad for some good days. I hope they are able to make the move the MRMC soon... and then home asap!!

  3. My computer got fried Monday night so I have to wait until I get to work each day to read your blog. I would look forward to reading each night before going to bed no matter how late you posted, now I have to wait. I can’t tell you how much my heart smiled when I read this morning. I am looking forward to when you get to bring them home for all the normal reasons but grandma and PopPop are very excited for that day to come. Love to you, Stephen, Anna, William and Aaron.