Sunday, July 3, 2011

Almost a week!

Baby Updates

A few steps forward today - Aaron's heart murmur is gone, leading the nurses to believe that his PDA is closed.  William still has a slight murmur, but they do have another dose of medicine tonight so we'll see what happens.  They have another ECG tomorrow to confirm.

Aaron is still the feisty one and wiggles around a lot, while William is more chill.  William opens his eyes when we talk to him, which is awesome.  Aaron's face is mostly covered by the CPAP and his bili light blinders, so it's harder to get a good look at him.

The boys have had several visitors this weekend.  They have met both of their uncles as well as their Great Aunt Mel and Uncle Timmy (affectionately known as Uncle Dummy by Anna).  We're open to family visiting the boys, just one or two people at a time.  Groups are a bit hard for me to digest at the moment, and I selfishly don't my time taken away from them.  Stephen has been really good about that, though, and will go sit in the waiting room with Anna when she gets bored or if someone else wants to come in.  Speaking of Anna, she has been excellent during her visits.  She sits and colors and entertains the nurses.  Also in completely off-topic big sister news, she peed in the potty today!  Another small victory for the Conley kids.  She's a stubborn one :) 

And in the best news so far - we may get to hold them tomorrow!  When we were visiting this morning, the nurses were discussing removing the umbilical lines currently providing their nutrition, and moving them on to the picc line. (Look at that, I figured out how to add hyperlinks).  Once the picc lines are in, we can take them out for small amounts of time.  I just called to see if this has been done yet, and they do have the picc line in Aaron. They tried with William but were not successful (no fault of his, apparently it's a skill that only certain nurses possess).  They will try again tonight.

In other news, I've been playing with the blog today to add an About Us tab, as well as some pictures on the sidebar.  The format may keep changing as I figure out what we like the best :)

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  1. I am so happy to have this blog to follow the babies progress. The Prayer Group of Ephesus Baptist Church, of which I am a member, is praying for you all as are myself and others at my church. I know God answers prayers and I am confident he is looking out for your boys. I will continue to be in prayer for you all for a long time. Thanks for sharing this most personal time. Pam Hankison