Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy 4 Weeks!

It's hard to believe that four weeks have passed already - the boys will be one month old on Wednesday!

Today went well.  To make up for some lost cuddle time, I was able to hold William for about 2.5 hours this morning/afternoon.  Aside from certain body parts falling asleep, it was excellent!  Aaron also received some hugs this afternoon, and responded very well. 

Aaron is back on the nasal cannula now, which is a good step forward.  (I think this happened today...my days are starting to run together!).  William should be extubated within the next two days, but probably back to CPAP.  CPAP would still be good progress, as we do not want them on the ventilator longer than needed.  I do, however, prefer the cannula because their faces aren't hidden.  Both boys are being weaned from the pain medicines, and both are starting back on small amounts of breast milk today.  Their digestive systems are slow at the moment due to the surgery, so the feeds will increase as the systems gets going.

The big checks for today were the head ultrasounds - both came back unchanged, which is good. We know it may take the bleeds a while to reabsorb, so our prayers are that they don't get worse and that the ventricles do not enlarge.  They will both get MRIs at some point before they are released, which will give us a better idea of any actual damage, although nothing but time will tell how it has affected them.

Physical therapy should be coming to visit the boys starting this week (which reminds me that I need to tell Stephen this, so that he hears it from me and not the blog!).  The nurses do a great job of keeping them positioned well so that muscles don't get too tight and too used to staying in the same positions, but physical therapy will be the best assistance.  We'll learn little exercises to do with them and other little tips like how to put on the diapers so that they fit better and keep their hips from turning out.  Hopefully they will tolerate the therapy, as the earlier we can get started, the better.

Lastly for the day - pictures.  The pictures of Aaron are from today, with his cannula in.  The picture of William is from last week, which I hadn't uploaded yet, but gives a good view of his face :)
(Update - I waited 30 minutes for the pictures to upload, with no success.  I will try again tomorrow!)

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