Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keep 'em coming

The good days are on a roll.

We did not hold both boys at once today, but both had cozy cuddle time.  Stephen held William this morning, and I held Aaron in the afternoon.  Aaron actually had some milk right from mommy, which was awesome.  He can't nurse full time yet, but he'll get there.  (Actually, they won't be allowed to get to full time nursing for a while.  Both will have 2 bottles a day of special preemie formula for a few months).  I tried again later with William, but he was super sleepy and not 100% interested.

Physical therapy came by today to see both boys.  I had left the NICU for a few minutes and missed it, but it was a good visit for both.  Right now, the physical and occupational therapists basically do the same things with the boys.  Both were very alert with her and maintained stable sats the whole time she was checking them out, and responded well to touch.  Her assessment was positive and showed that they are behaving in the appropriate manner for their age.  Sometimes babies with the brain bleeds will be more jittery when they wake up, or have muscle tone outside of the normal range, so we're happy to see no effects yet.  We'll learn how to do infant massage within the next few days, which will be fun to do with the boys.

William's bed was moved to the other side of Aaron's.  He was in the closest spot to the doctor's area, which can get noisy and has too much traffic.  So now, William is on the left and Aaron is on the right, which threw us (and the nurses) off all day.  They are slowly working their way down toward the middle room, where the bigger, healthier babies stay. 

I believe that covers all of the updates for the day :)

Happy Birthday to Grammee!

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