Monday, August 29, 2011

9 Weeks

The boys are 9 weeks old today!

Cross your fingers and apnea spells for William since Saturday night.  Please pray for this to continue!  When he goes down, he goes down hard...and it needs to stop.  This will be his biggest obstacle to get home.  He will need to go a solid week without a spell in order to come home - the week should prove that he's over it, as we definitely don't want it to happen outside of the NICU.  Aaron, on the other hand, is almost ready to come home - perhaps as early as next week.  He's really doing well right now, breathing on his own, and taking good amounts from the bottle. 

They should both have a few changes within the next week.  Once they reach 4lbs, they can move from the little covered isolettes to open cribs.  We'll be able to hang mobiles and plastic crib toys.  William has reached this point, and Aaron should be there either at the weight check on Wednesday or Sunday.  Also, their feeding tubes should be removed by the end of the week.  This means that they may eat a little less because they have more control over the amount they actually take, and it takes a lot of energy to suck and swallow and breathe at the same time.

We're getting closer :)

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