Monday, August 22, 2011

Potty Training Help

Obviously this is not about the boys.

Anna turned 3 in April, and is still not potty trained. This wouldn't be a big deal except that she can't move to the 3 year-old class in school until she's out of pull ups.  All of her friends moved up in June.  I walked into her classroom today, and was greeted by the sight of adorable little toddlers about half her height, who probably can't yet speak in sentences...and who are now in her class.  Anna is super bright and well articulated for a 3 year-old, and can speak in paragraphs with well thought logic.  I don't understand how being in a class with kids a year younger than her can help anything.  We consistently reward her when she does sit on the potty. She knows she'll get a treat, we'll celebrate, and when she's potty trained she'll get a kitten.  We've used stickers and candy.  We offer her ample opportunities to sit on the potty, as does her school...she'll now sit on it, but won't go.  I don't know what's holding her back, but I know it's under her control and she'll do it when she feels like it.  The pediatrician said that kids don't go to kindergarten in pull-ups, and not to worry about it too much...that's great, but it's not going to catch her up at her daycare, so I am going to worry about it.  She needs to be with kids her own age.  Any outside of the box potty training tips would be greatly appreciated, as I feel like we've tried everything else!


  1. Have you tried going cold turkey over a long weekend when you will be with her for an extended period of time? If you think she is ready try putting her in big girl underwear or even just let her run around the house naked on the bottom. give her lots to drink and she should catch on quick. Is your daycare willing to help too? They need to be taking her potty throughout the day. Also keep in mind, life is stressful righ now for her with her brothers in the nicu. Your routine is disrupted. Kids can be less inclined to train when there is a disruption in their life.

  2. I agree with Alexis...try going without Pull-ups. Also, I know you are worried about her not being with her friends at daycare, but if you push her too much to potty train, it will take that much longer. It is definitely a control thing and that is 1 thing in her life that she CAN control right now. We had the same issue with Ashley...she was over 3 when she finally got trained. Good luck!

  3. Pull- ups were too absorptive for my older 2. I found that the Gerber training pants were good. I would protect us when "on the go" with a pull up over top... Rather than a hot, sweaty plastic cover. The pull-up saved my sanity, but it was the crucial underwear layer that was key, I think.

    I also agree that you have extenuating circumstances. Is there any chance that Anna might demonstrate training at school if given the opportunity? I would talk with the director about reasonableness in this case.... What do they do with cases where students regress? Perhaps this approach could be applied here?