Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Cheers Take 5

This post should be another short one, as the changes from yesterday are minimum.  Hopefully I'll get this published earlier each night going forward, as I need to start going to bed earlier :)  I've enjoyed sleeping in (as late as Anna would let me) for the past several weeks!

On to the boys:  William and Aaron had more together time today, which they both seemed to enjoy.  Both have gone up in feeds, and both are having some reflux.  Extra vitamins have been added to William's milk, which stink and taste bad, and are probably contributing to his reflux and the several presents of spit up he gave me.  Aaron will get them as well once his reflux is a bit more under control.

Warning:  The following sentences have potential to be embarrassing to William in the future:  Our primary nurse has been keeping an eye on a spot on William that could be a hernia, at the top of his scrotum.  She seemed fairly confident the other day that it was just his testicles descending, but the doctor feels otherwise.  They will continue to watch it and should know within a week what it really is.  If it is a hernia, he will have surgery before discharge in order to correct it.  Hernias are very common with preemies, and it would have no future affect on him at all after the surgery.  Anesthesia poses more risk than the surgery itself.  If it is not a hernia, then I have mentioned his boy parts on the Internet with no good reason and he probably won't be happy with mommy :)

Here's another picture of the boys together.  William is now on the left, eyes open, and Aaron is sleeping on the right.


  1. EYES!!!!! And, So sweet with their heads nestled together..... Oh - no - baby lust!! I can feel it!

  2. So darn adorable! Glad to keep reading that they are doing so well!