Thursday, August 18, 2011

Better Day Today

Weight Check

William - 3lbs 8oz
Aaron - 3lb 3oz

They're both over 3 pounds now!

General Update

Aaron's model citizen status continues :)  He's doing really well these days, and starting to fill out more and gain more weight, and catching on with feeding from bottles and breast.  William was on good behavior today as well.  While it's still not clear if he has an infection, either the antibiotic or the Lasix has greatly helped, much to our relief.  His oxygen requirements are down again, and give me hope that he'll be off of oxygen before he comes home.  We'll be okay if he does have to come home on O2, but prefer that they both come home free of any apparatus.  His feeds were restarted gradually today as well, and should be back to normal tomorrow.

Short update today, but there's not much to write about when it's a peaceful, easy day :) Love these days....and love the boys!

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  1. God is good. They are precious. Love to all, Schylor & Mary Clay