Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Cheers Take 6

Today was a big day, for the sole fact that the nurse actually made mention of the boys coming home, without us bringing it up first.  It was an emotional moment for me, because it hit home that they will be with us sooner rather than later.  The NICU has been their lives, and our lives, for almost 7 weeks now, and I don't know any reality involving the boys other than the hospital.  They have to be at least 35 weeks to come home, which would be 3 weeks from now.  I don't think they will be home quite that soon, but it is something for which we need to be prepared.  :)

The boys had their first eye exams this morning. The doctor looks for ROP, which I've mentioned before.  (This condition is actually the cause of Stevie Wonder's blindness - he was also a preemie, but it wasn't correctable then like it is now.).  Right now, their eyes are just showing immaturity, which is expected.  The next exam will be in two weeks.  I'm not really worried about this, because typically only severe ROP would lead to extreme future vision problems, and if any of the kids need glasses it will probably be due to genetics not being a preemie. 

Both boys drank from the bottle with Stephen today, which is awesome progress.  Granted, it was just a tiny bit each, but it's progress. 

The past two weeks or so have been a constant relief with the good news/no news.  We're so thankful to be at this point!



Aaron & William

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  1. I LOVE seeing them together. I know they love it and I know you do too!