Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Cute

Today was another peaceful, uneventful day for the boys.  They have moved from the sicker baby area in the NICU, next to the doctor's station, to the middle room that is reserved for the healthier ones.  This is a good move, as the middle room typically has less traffic and noise, and they will benefit from the decreased stimulation. 

Temperature probes are generally removed from the babies when they reach 1300 grams, or about 2lb 13oz.  Babies cannot wear clothes until this line is removed, as clothes would influence the temperature.  When removed, the isolette no longer acts as a little heating box and the babies are moved to room air in order to regulate their own body temperature.  William's was removed last week, and we've been waiting for Aaron's weight to go up so that we could dress them together.  Aaron is still slightly under this weight limit, but had high temperatures today.  Because of this and his gestational age, the nurse went ahead and removed his temperature probe...which means...photo op!


Aaron (no, he's not in the most comfortable position, even though he looks like he's just hanging out.  I took the pictures before settling him in properly!)

They are getting so big!


  1. William is supporting daddy while Aaron still has a grin on his face despite the positioning:) They are precious and I love reading of their progress every night! Keep up the great work!

  2. They are so cute. Thank you for sharing a picture of them in their clothes.

    I am happy to hear that things have been uneventful, I think of you all often!