Thursday, August 25, 2011

We've confused the doctor

Weight Check
William - 3lb 12.8oz
Aaron - 3lb 9oz

Today has been mostly good for both boys.  William did have a small episode this morning, then a larger one tonight.  I've come to expect those, although we really want them to stop.  He did take a full bottle this morning with Stephen, though, so that was a first for him.  Aaron continues to do well, on low oxygen requirements, and able to eat a good portion of his feeds through the bottle.

In interesting news for the day, one of the boys did test positive for the CMV virus.  I only saw the doctor in passing, and she didn't recall off-hand if it was Aaron or William.  The interesting part is that the other one tested negative.  The only reason they were tested was because of the abnormal liver screening, and the expectation was that the cause would be the same for both of them.  The doctor was confused that only one would have it, unless a) the test results were inaccurate or b) the CMV virus has nothing to do with the current liver issue.  She also said that she almost wishes they hadn't tested for it, as the knowledge will cause unnecessary worry.  This virus, while I had never heard of it before, is apparently incredibly common.  Up to 75% of the American population has it.  He probably got it from my breast milk, meaning that I have it, or potentially (but not likely) from the blood transfusion.  She does not believe he contracted it in utero, which would have serious neurological side effects.  Many of the things I've read on the virus's effects on preemies are not positive, but I will trust the doctor's judgement that those things don't apply to our boys.

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