Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Big Day!

Baby brother Aaron is off of his oxygen!  The nurse exclaimed that it was a big day as soon as I arrived, with Anna in tow.  I was focused on getting Anna settled before even thinking about the boys, and thought at first she was referring to Anna's presence.  Nope!  I believe she had to repeat herself before I asked what was going on.  The nurse had mentioned yesterday possibly moving him off of the cannula soon, but I didn't know she meant today.  He's doing very well breathing on his own.  He is still having a few little dips, but would probably have had them on the cannula as well. 

William still has a little while to go before removing his cannula.  The boys were weaned off of the caffeine earlier this week, which was used to help them remember to breathe.  Since then, his oxygen requirement has actually gone up a bit, so now they're trying to get him back down and eventually move him off as well.  He has consistently been behind Aaron in the respiratory arena so I'm not surprised that he's still on the cannula even though his brother is not.

In other firsts, Anna held Aaron :)  She is expressing more interest in them recently.  She's funny - she said to me last week, "Mommy, you can't take care of my brothers."  Her response when asked to elaborate:  "Daddy can do that."  She's insistent that she doesn't like boys in general, so mommy shouldn't either.  She is also playing favorites.  William was her favorite first, since he is Baby A.  However, since realizing that Aaron's name actually starts with an A, he is now her favorite.  Why?  Because her favorite letter is A, like Anna, of course. 

She also told me this week that if the five of us had to ride in our car (which is entirely too small to hold three car seats in the back), Aaron would sit in her lap, William would sit on the other side, and Allee, our dog, would sit in the middle.  I asked her if she wanted to hold Aaron in the hospital after she made this comment. She has been hesitant to even look at them, so her positive response was a big step.  She immediately wanted him off of her when he was finally placed in her lap, but ultimately she did very well with them today.


The Conley kids all together!  Aaron is stretching, William is sleeping, Anna looks like a Giant :)

Anna holding Aaron:

Aaron telling William a story:

William's reaction to Aaron's story:

In their outfits:


  1. Love, love, love the pictures!! Everyone looks great!

    ~ Sarah (RAMOM Member)

  2. So very, very sweet! Anna looks the big sister part, indeed!! Great going, Conley kids!