Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kangaroo Times Two

In happy news...there's nothing noteworthy to report today.  The boys continue to eat well (despite the reflux), and both are attempting to breastfeed.  Aaron is more effective at this point, but William has been sleepier during his attempts.  We should be able to start bottle feeds at some point next week as well, but not while I'm present, as they'd have the better alternative available.

Next week could be a bit more eventful.  They will both have follow-up head ultrasounds on Monday, should have their first eye doctor visit at some point, and we'll know if William has a hernia.  Preemies are at an increased risk for ROP, which in most cases is treatable but it's best if caught early.  This first exam will probably only show that their eyes are still immature. 

We may be able to start dressing the boys tomorrow or Monday in little preemie clothes, if Aaron has gained just a bit of weight.  The criteria is 1300g, not 1500 as I originally was told or misunderstood.  William has been at this point since Wednesday, but I want to dress them together. 

New for today:  I was able to Kangaroo both together today...they're so cuddly :)  I'm really glad we can hold them together now, as this will make things a lot easier next week when my time is limited.

(Ignore the big person in the picture)

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