Wednesday, August 24, 2011

34 Weeks

Gestational age, that is.  The boys would be 34 weeks along today...this means that they are technically allowed to leave the hospital in one week, if ready.  While I want them home as soon as we can get them, they just won't be at that point in a week.  I'm okay with this as I want them to be healthy!  Aaron did take another full bottle this morning, and William almost finished his.  This is excellent, as it is a big step closer to home.  William continues to have significant apnea issues, so I'm not sure if the albuterol is having the desired effect.  Please pray that these spells stop!

Again, no real changes for the day.  The nurse hasn't weighed them yet tonight, so I should have updated weights to post tomorrow.

Just for fun, here they are in the same position, so you can kind of see how different they look. William is in the top picture, with his cannula falling out, and Aaron is in the bottom.  They have more hair than you can see here, and the lighting was different in both pictures so their coloring is off. 

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