Monday, August 1, 2011

5 Weeks Old!

This week has started out as well as last week, with cozy cuddle time and general good behavior from the boys.  Both have gone up on their feeds again to 18cc (just over 1/2 an ounce) every 3 hours, and may have their PICC lines removed tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to the removal, as it's one less potential infection site.

We can start putting the boys in clothes when they reach 1500 grams...or about 3lb 5oz.  I need a refresher on the metric system :) I can't imagine the itty bitty boys fitting into even the littlest outfits, but it will be so much fun to dress them!

William had a great day and was fairly stable.  He had been a day or so behind Aaron in the respiratory arena, but held his own today.  And...we had practice nursing time!  When his tube feed was over, he unlatched and just cute.  My kangaroo holds with both boys going forward will be at breast instead of just skin to skin contact.

Aaron had a good day as well, but was up and down with his sats most of the afternoon.  While he is digesting his food well now, he is having some reflux and spitting up, which would attribute to the desats.  Occupational Therapy was ordered for Aaron today, but it wasn't the best day for it to start as he needs to be a little more calm to handle more touching.  It was ironic that it was only ordered for Aaron when I believe William would have done great with it today.  Per the therapist, the sessions will be daily and probably only last about 5 minutes each day.  I'm still not exactly sure what the 5 minutes will involve, but hopefully we'll find out tomorrow for both of the boys.

Here's a bit more about occupational therapy for preemies, from

Occupational therapy (OT) helps people of all ages to develop life skills. In the NICU, an occupational therapist works with staff and infants and their families to promote good motor development. Some ways an occupational therapist may work with premature babies include:
  • Helping infants learn to breastfeed or drink from a bottle
  • Helping parents position very small infants in a car seat
  • Performing infant massage
  • Promoting good muscle development through careful infant positioning
  • Encouraging good sensory development through appropriate stimulation

Here's a funny picture of William from yesterday...look at that face!

Aaron all snuggled in his bed:

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