Sunday, August 21, 2011

And Another

Weight Check
William - 3lb 11oz
Aaron - 3lb 6oz

I hate to be uninteresting, but another short post today.  Okay, I'm lying...I LOVE short posts, as they've grown to mean smooth sailing for the boys.  Anna helped to give William a bath today, although she was a bit disappointed she wasn't helping with Aaron, who was bathed yesterday :)  I suppose I could have asked one of the other nurses to take pictures, but my hands were definitely full and our nurse was holding up William's head, so no pictures of this event.  Maybe next time!  I just spoke with the night nurse, and she gave Aaron a bottle tonight before his tube feeding as he was wide awake and alert - he took 20ccs from the bottle!  This is the most that he's taken so far.  They're both currently getting 32 or 33ccs each feeding.  William holds the bottle feeding record at 25ccs right now.  Baby steps!  They're getting closer to home every day.

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