Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another good day

I'm going to keep today's update short and sweet - the boys had a good day.  William was taken off of his antibiotic, as no infection was officially diagnosed.  This is good, as it removes the IV from his arm, but also a bit frustrating because we don't have a cause for his increased apnea.  He has one more dose of Lasix tomorrow, which can be taken by mouth.  They may restart his caffeine to assist with breathing but have not decided yet.  He did have another spell today after Stephen fed him, but the rest of the day has been fine.  Aaron is still back on his cannula . . . he deserves a rest.  We know that he can breathe on his own, and as he gets bigger and stronger he will be able to do it for longer.   That's all for tonight :)

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