Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Together at Last!

Weight Check

William - 3.04 lbs
Aaron - 2.96 lbs


For the first time in over 5 weeks, William and Aaron were able to be right next to each other.  I'm positive that both knew his brother was next to him.  They checked each other out a bit, stretched out and punched each other a bit, and spit up all over each other :)  The fun begins!  Stephen was working today, but thankfully he had been transferred and had the flexibility to be at the hospital for the special moment.  I'm keeping this post short as it's really all about the boys being together...the pictures will say more than I ever could.

A Few Pics

Aaron is on the left, William is on the right


  1. My heart just melted:) They are both so adorable and making great strides! Keep it up boys!

  2. These are the most precious pictures! What sweet brothers!!!!! Another wonderful and miraculous milestone! Congratulations Conley family!

  3. Wow!! What great news! I love the pictures- and you're right, they say it all! They even look like they are smiling in a couple of them! ;)

  4. What a special day! They both look fantastic and are so adorable cuddled up together :)!