Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 67... I think

Weight Check
William - 4lbs 5oz
Aaron - 3lb 15oz

I have no good concept of time or days these days.  Even though I've been back at work for a few weeks, I believe if I didn't have to write the date on my milk bottles, I'd still be stuck in June.  Time is flying, which is good right now.

The boys are still doing well - almost smooth sailing.  Both boys had inflamed livers last week, and the treatment was to increase feeds.  William's is now better, but Aaron's is still slightly inflamed.  There's no known cause or issue as he's doing well otherwise, so hopefully it will correct itself. 

Until yesterday, they had been living in enclosed, temperature controlled isolettes.  They were put into open beds (basically just the bottom half of a clear plastic box) as a trial, to see if they could keep their body temperatures high enough on their own.  William, our chunky monkey, is currently still in his open bed, but our little guy has been moved back to the isolette. He should move back to the open bed soon, as he's still on track to come home within the next week and a half.

Both boys are taking their feeds wonderfully from the bottle.  William's feeding tube removal was supposed to just be a trial, as the nurse wasn't sure if he'd be able to handle it given his apnea spells - no need for doubt with him!  He ate his max allowed yesterday and today...he latched onto me!  We've been "practicing" breastfeeding for a few weeks, and both boys are interested when awake, but neither had fully latched on for more than a minute or so during a session.  I'm proud of him!  He did, however, have another significant apnea spell today after a several day break.  He also had a smaller, but still significant, spell this afternoon while I was there.  These spells are super tough to watch, but he'll get there.  Also, his hernia surgery is scheduled for next Friday, the 9th.  He will need to be intubated again for the surgery, but should be back on his nasal cannula by that evening.

I believe that catches me up on everything from yesterday and today :)

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