Wednesday, September 14, 2011

37 Weeks

The boys are 37 weeks gestational age today.  Both are now in open cribs and doing all of the normal baby things (eating, sleeping, pooping) just fine!  Both are baby noise machines - they grunt and stretch and groan and's fun to hear!  Not much new today - we're trying to find a pediatric opthamologist closer to our house, as the one used by the hospital is in Stony Point, which is an hour from us.  Homecoming is getting closer - William could be as early as the middle of next week, according to our nurse.  Unfortunately the doctor of the week is noncommittal to even really talking about homecoming.  Her first comment when I asked a question about William coming home next week was to tell me that his homecoming isn't set, it all depends...I wanted to growl at her.  Yes, growl.  Be positive with me for once!  I usually don't give feedback on the hospital staff as it's rude, but for the sake of honesty as to how I'm feeling at the moment, based on prior experience I wish we had a different doctor this week as more progress could be made.   That said, the boys don't care who the doctor is and if they're ready they'll let everyone know :)  William is definitely ready.  Aaron's bloodwork and weight still need to improve, but we're close.  Close, close, close :)

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