Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bigger day than expected

We did get to room in yesterday!  I was therefore not able to update last night, but we did have several changes...

Both boys are coming home tomorrow!  The doctor this week recognized the logistical difficulties of bringing the boys home on different days when they are both ready to come home.  She talked to the eye doctor, and he was confident that William would be able to handle the procedure, if needed, out of office.  As a result, we get to bring them home together, tomorrow (yay!), and were able to room in with both of them last night (yawn!).

I received training yesterday on the boys' equipment - apnea monitor for Aaron and oxygen with oxygen monitor for William.  I'm not sure that I mentioned that Aaron will be coming home on an apnea monitor - his reflux is causing fairly significant spit up, so the monitor will allow us to put him on his tummy to sleep to help, without worrying about the increased SIDS risk.  Hopefully neither boy will need either piece of equipment for too long, as it will be a bit limiting, but we'll deal with it :)  They also both passed the car seat test.

Other changes:  Aaron will no longer need his special extra calorie preemie formula, and will be drinking just breastmilk fortified with Enfacare.  Instead of the fortified breastmilk, William will be drinking straight breastmilk plus two Enfacare bottles a day.  Eventually we'll get them on the same mix just to make life easier.

The boys will have a myriad of doctors and staff in their lives for the next few months at least:  pulmonologist for William, dietitian for Aaron, pediatric urologist for both (they'll get circumcised within the next 5 weeks), pediatric opthamologist for both, neurologist, their regular pediatrician, early interventionist, physical therapist, probably occupational therapist, home health nurse...I'm actually not sure if that covers everyone?  We have a ton of appointments to schedule!  We may also have access through our insurance to a nurse who would come to the house all day to assist.  I'm not quite sure how this would work yet, but we would try it out.  It could allow us to get a bit more sleep and stay more sane, which is probably important :)

We had pictures taken by the hospital picture company today - I am impressed.  With Anna, the practice was to put the baby in the little plastic box crib with a pink or blue piece of paper as a background, stick them under a mug shot camera, and snap a few pictures.  Bella Baby is completely you can see if you look here:
View Photos - After September 1st
Password:  kjen0627conley

I'm really happy how the pictures turned out, especially given that we had two uncooperative kids (not Aaron...he was completely alert and content!)

I believe the post covers the major highlights of the past two days.  Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow for a smooth homecoming!

We are so ready!

Thanks again for all of the love and support we have received throughout this journey. I will keep this blog updated with progress on the boys.  My goal is to also add in more preemie resource links and info, in case it helps anyone who may stumble across this blog in a similar situation. 

They're coming home!


  1. I am so happy to read such good news! Congratulations!

  2. Wonderful news, Helen! I am so glad the boys are getting to come home together! What a great day, congrats!

  3. Use all the help you can, and definitely get involved with early intervention in the county--they are great. Let me know how I an help! The babies and Ms. Anna are just beautiful! Congratulations and best wishes as you embark on a new journey together!

  4. So happy for you! What a great day! The pictures are great!