Friday, September 9, 2011

Enough Already

I'm going to keep this post short because I need to hop into bed and sleep for 12 hours (wouldn't that be nice!)...but there is a new development today.

First, William is again being a superstar and eating like a champ.  So proud of the big guy...who will eventually eat us out of our house, I'm sure.  Aaron will get there, too.  He's eating well from the bottle, I'd just like to get him a little more attached to me, and would like for him to gain more weight :)

Second, follow-up eye exams were today.  William's retinas are still not completely mature, and the slight ROP that he does have should regress on its own.  This could change in two weeks, but we'll deal with that when we get there.  Aaron's Stage 1 ROP has progressed (and in this case, progress is not good) to Stage 3 with mild Plus disease.  He will be reevaluated by a retinal specialist on Monday to determine if surgery is needed, as it usually is at this point.  The two options would be laser surgery, which is more invasive and has a longer recovery time, or a newer injectable drug.  If he does need intervention, I am hopeful that the drug is appropriate for him, as our NICU friends had a positive, encouraging experience with it and is recovering nicely.  I was upset about this when first told, but we still need to talk to the specialist, and it is something that is thankfully treatable. 

Goodnight!  I'm going to dream of the day when I walk into the NICU and they tell me that there's nothing negative to report and that the boys are just feeding and growing until they can come home.

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