Monday, September 12, 2011

11 Weeks!

The boys had big days for their 11th week.  The MRI results did come back today...big sigh of relief there.  The MRI gives a much better picture of the brain than the ultrasounds that they have already had, and I have been fearful that it would pick up something not already found in the ultrasounds.  Aaron's showed nothing new - he does have a cyst at the top of his right ventricle, and the ventricles are still enlarged.  We've already come to terms with this, and we know that preemie brains are incredibly plastic and can rewire (and if he's what, really, he'll be fine).  His bleeding has resolved, so we expect no additional damage. 

William's MRI did reveal a cyst unknown to us - in the same location as Aaron's, but smaller.  His ventricles have returned to normal sizes.  Again, we're not upset over this finding, and if he's going to have one, I'm glad it's in the same place as Aaron's.  I know it's not GOOD news to find out about brain cysts, but seriously, this is a huge weight off of my shoulders.  We know what we're dealing with now, and in the grand scheme of things it's really not that bad.  They will have early intervention with physical therapy and occupational therapy, and will get all of the assistance they need to hopefully overcome this obstacle. 

In great news for the day, William has moved off of his cannula and is breathing on his own.  This was a welcome surprise yesterday, and I'm so glad it's working out for the chunky monkey.

Aaron's liver functioning is trending for the better, but his alk phos levels are high again.  This can be due to lack of vitamins like Vitamin D.  In order to help bring these levels down, and potentially help with weight gain, he is moving to 3 feedings a day of a special extra-extra calorie preemie formula.  I'm completely pro breastmilk, but will make sure he gets whatever he needs to be healthy.  If it's formula, so be it.  We already knew both would be coming home on two formula feeds a day for the extra vitamins. 

We do not have firm homecoming dates, and everything is subject to change, but it's looking like William wants to be home within the next week to two weeks.  It may be a good idea to keep him there through his next eye exam, which would be at the end of next week, as chances are his ROP will worsen like Aaron's did.  He is currently stage 2, which requires no treatment.  They like to keep up with each other, though.  Aaron, who was originally aiming to be home around today, will be hanging out for probably another two weeks, as he gets his weight gaining in gear.  (I may start bringing him protein shakes!)  Both need to transition back to the open bed and be able to sleep on their backs a bit better.

Thank you for all of the prayers for today - I'm sure they helped!

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