Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving forward

Weight Check
William - 5lbs 1oz (yes, FIVE pounds!)
Aaron - 4lbs 7oz

Another good day for the boys :)  Aaron decided that he is ready to be out of the isolette again - he was warm this morning, so the nurse put him in the open crib, and he's maintaining his temperature fine so far.  (Babies stay in the plastic warming box - the isolette - until they're able to maintain their own temperature, at which point they can be moved to just an open box).  William is still in the isolette, but the plan is to have him out by the end of the week.  William was actually the only one mentioned in that plan, as Aaron was going to stay in it until his weight gain increased...he must have overheard and decided he'd just break himself out if no one else was going to do it :)  My plan is to sneak William into Aaron's open crib when I leave tomorrow and see if the nurse will let them hang out together for a little while.  It will be good for them! I put them in together today for a second, but then the chunky monkey decided he was still hungry so I had to get him back out.  We're getting there!

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  1. Bleeding after blessing.... And your blessings are blessing me!