Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Today was a good day for both of the boys.  Aaron's liver is stable, and the vitamin K shot seems to have helped his clotting ability.  William's oxygen levels are being weaned down to decrease the amount of flow and get him to the point where he can come home with an oxygen tank.  The last doctor had taken him off of the Prevacid, but this one is putting him back on it because of his spells yesterday.  His apnea spells are likely due to reflux, and the medicince should help to manage the associated pain.  He also passed his hearing test today.  Aaron will be tested when he is back out of the isolette.  We're not worried about Aaron's hearing, as he startles easily to any noise.

Today was a good day for mommy as well.  I stayed late at the hospital this evening in order to have more time with the boys, as the visitations over the holiday weekend felt rushed.  It's nice to see them in a more awake state - they're usually in full nap mode for the afternoon feeds while I'm there.  They're starting to make more and more little baby noises, which is also fun.  I know I need to post more pictures, I'll work on that tomorrow :)

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  1. God is good. Take care of yourself, they wil be comming home soon & it will be a dfferent story. Love & Prayers for all, Schylor & Mary Clay