Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Few Changes

Today has been a mixed bag of news.

In the good/funny news for the day, William does NOT have bilateral inguinal hernias.  The doctors and nurses have been checking him every day to make sure the "hernias" were able to be pushed back out of the scrotum.  Surgery was scheduled yesterday for next Friday, and the surgeon came out today to examine him.  He does have hydroceles, which are accumulations of fluid that they say will go away on their own.  He does not, however, have intestines pushing out of those openings. So what have they been "reducing" every day, you may ask?  His testicles.  Final diagnosis?  Our boy has balls... no surgery needed.

Both boys latched and ate from me today, which was excellent. All of the practicing is paying off!  In the past two days, it's like the lights just came on. 

William has been exceeding expectations within the past week, passing his trial for feeding tube removal and for being in the open bed.  Aaron, though, is now not gaining weight at the rate they'd like to see.  Both boys still have enlarged livers, so the doctor has ordered a few more tests tomorrow to make sure that it's due to the CMV virus and nothing else.  The doctor is also now saying that the tests have changed, and the positive result is definitely positive, but William may still have it although testing negative.

There were a few more details from today that I can't think of right now, but that's the gist of it.  Aaron's progress is slowing down a bit, and William's is increasing, so the updated time frame for them to come home is in 2 weeks - together!

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