Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow...

Maybe.  We are currently scheduled to room in with Aaron tomorrow night, with the goal that he comes home on Wednesday.  William is ready to come home, but any treatment for his ROP would need to be done in the hospital, and his eyes won't be checked again until Friday.  Because of this, he will be in the NICU until at least Friday, depending on when the retinal specialist can come if treatment is needed.

William's need for oxygen appears to have decreased.  At one point today, the doctor of the week agreed to use the upcoming several days to see if he can be weaned down or off of the cannula.  However, the doctor coming on tomorrow believes that if a baby needs the cannula, he needs it full time, as the oxygen helps with growth.  So, that plan may be squashed, although tomorrow I will re-discuss with the new doctor of the week.  I'm not against that response; however, I'm still not a fan of the differences in opinion.  I also asked what would happen if the eye appointment on Friday shows no progression or regression - would he need to stay ANOTHER week just to wait for an eye appointment?  The doctor couldn't answer, since it wasn't happening under her watch.  At that point, I was done asking questions that could receive no answers.  My goal is to get both of them out of there within the week, so that we don't have to go through another doctor rotation. The lack of consistency is incredibly frustrating.

In good news, we should only need to room in (stay the night) with Aaron, so that one of us isn't left alone overnight with him in order to come back and room in with William.  This decision was agreed upon with the doctor from this week, so hopefully the next one agrees.  Also, Aaron should be weaned off of his extra special vitamins and onto the same ones used by William, so that feeding can be a little more consistent.  William will be able to receive just fortified breast milk when he comes home, but Aaron will still need alternating preemie formula until he proves his ability to gain and maintain his weight. 

Ultimately, the boys are receiving great care from the nurses and are healthy, which is great.  We're so happy and thankful that they've come so far from where they started.  I dislike feeling frustrated and saying anything negative when, at the end of the day, we really should just feel blessed to be where we are.  And we are blessed.  And they are super, super cute :)

Aaron & William


Look Mom, No Cannula!

Bathtime smiles


Almost naked baby!
Peaceful slumbers

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