Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost there, almost there!

We are getting so close!  I'm keeping myself from becoming too excited at the moment, in case something happens, but all signs point toward the boys being HOME by the end of the week (probably Friday, but potentially Saturday).  We took Anna to Build-A-Bear yesterday to make her brothers cuddly bears for their homecoming.  We had made her a bunny at Kamp Kreatures before she was born, which is now closed, and wanted to keep the tradition somehow.  The animals were more customizable at Kamp Kreatures, but these bears are still just as lovey :)  Reality started to set in while we were there...the lady stuffing the bears may have wondered why I was starting to get choked up and fighting back tears while watching her work. 

We had an opportunity to speak with the neurologist today.  He is hard to pin down in the NICU, but made time for us today - and I'm glad he did.  Stephen had seen Aaron's head ultrasounds before, but I had not.  There is a definite difference between his and William's, and you can easily see where the damage is done.  This has been our biggest concern with the boys' progress going forward.  The doctor was not concerned with William's small area of injury, and was actually not too concerned about Aaron's larger area of encephalomalacia either, or his enlarged ventricles.  He said that based on the specific area of damage, any negative long term effect would probably be in the form of lack of coordination or left-hand/arm weakness (not leg, as the NICU doctor had said).  This is SUCH good news - it could have been much worse. Only time will tell for sure, of course, but we'll be able to breathe easier with that professional assessment.

Please keep the boys in your prayers to help get them home this week!

To respond to a few of the comments: The boys are fraternal :)  We don't need anything that I can think of at the moment unless anyone really just enjoys mopping? :)  I would respond to all of the comments that people leave, except that every time I try I get a message saying that I'm not allowed to do so, and need to log in as a different user :(  I do, however, read everything!


  1. Such fantastic news, Conley family!

  2. I'll come mop anytime! Seriously. Love my new steam shark:) Besides, you have better things to be doing.