Saturday, September 10, 2011


Surprise...the retinal specialist came today for Aaron's consultation, instead of Monday.  He did confirm the pediatric opthamologist's diagnosis, and recommended happen today.  We opted to do the newer treatment of Avastin, which is an injection into the eye, instead of the standard laser surgery.  It went well, and he will have a follow up visit weekly for a while.  Hopefully one dose corrects the issue, but (as with everything else these days), we will need to wait and see.  He did cry during the whole procedure, but promptly fell asleep while I was holding him afterwards.  He was fairly lethargic for the next few hours but has perked back up and is eating fine now.  Poor little guy... he'll get lots of extra love the next few days. 

William had a good day.  I feel like the caffeine is helping him, as his sats have barely dipped the past few days.  He's still eating like a champ...he's a hungry chunky monkey! :)

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