Saturday, October 5, 2013

2 Years Adjusted!

 Weight Check
Both boys are around 28 lbs

The boys were due October 5, 2011...we've come a long way since then.

The only doctors' appointments we've had since the last post were the neurologist and the ophthalmologist.    The neurologist spent time with both boys and was not concerned with development for either of them :)  At the last visit, he still saw the Babinski sign with Aaron, which is a potential indicator of upstream neurological issues when still present after age two.  Aaron is now two...and it is gone.  The doctor did talk to us about an increased risk for ADHD when they are older and a few other general preemie potential issues, but didn't see any indicators currently.  As a result...we have been released from yet another specialist :)

Aaron's vision is holding steady at a very strong near-sighted prescription.  He does really well with his glasses and asks for them when they aren't on.  The eye doctor didn't see a need for action right now with William's strabismus.  His right eye does turn in frequently, but he still didn't see it during the appointment and wanted to see if the glasses have any effect.  William is wearing his glasses on a regular basis now (finally), and also asks for them when they are off.  For the most part, his eyes are straight when he is wearing them.  I do still see the turning in enough to foresee that some action - whether it's surgery, patching, or eye drops - will be in his future, but we're not quite there yet.

The developmental therapist through Early Intervention is still seeing the boys once a month.  Their yearly evaluation is in progress now, and it looks like we may just be monitored going forward, but we'll find out next month.  I don't want their services to be completely dropped just in case something comes up, but it does feel good to know that they are meeting all milestones of a full-term two year old.


No personality changes since the last post :)  Aaron is still the more laid back of the two (actually, of all three), and William is the more excitable.  Here are a few cute stories....

Within the last month William has really started to conversate- he has full sentences, not always grammatically correct, and most of which start with "I want":  I want more milk please mommy, I want scoot up please, I want more crackers please, I want, I want, I want!  At least he's polite about it :)   He also sings - he will repeat choruses of songs and sings "Elmo and I know it!".  I sang "Jesus Loves Me" to the boys last week for the first time in a long while, and he became very excited and made the sign for Bible and sang "Bible" and "Me! Me! Me!" along with me.  I'm not sure if they are singing it to him in Sunday School or daycare, but it was super cute.  William is also Mr. Helpful - if there's something he thinks he can do for you, he'll do it.  This is more information that I need to share on the internet, but I'll share anyway because I think it's funny - if I say I need to go to the bathroom he gets excited and will walk me in there, try to pull down my pants, hand me toilet paper, flush the toilet, and then will pull out the stool to the sink and wash his own hands.  We're not officially potty training yet but trying to give them exposure...he's not interested in doing it himself, but he understands the process, haha.  He also tries to wipe Aaron's nose and change his diaper.  William is also very loving.  Anna started Kindergarten last month, and he yells after the bus "I love you, Anna!" after she leaves every morning.  When he's in a good mood, he's great entertainment.

Aaron is definitely quieter, but he's more of the thinker.  He seems to grasp and verbalize concepts faster than William even though he's not stringing the thoughts together in sentences the same way.  He does have a few 3 word sentences like "I'll get it" and definitely has the vocabulary for things, he just isn't as vocal.  He has the sweetest smile and really is generally an all around good kid who is easy to parent.  The only thing that really makes him angry is when someone else has something that he wants :)  The kids all have personalized place mats for the table, which are exactly the same except for the names.  The other day, William brought Anna's place mat to his spot and put it under his bowl and cup that were already on the table.  Aaron took one look at it, shook his head and got upset and pointed at Anna - "No, Anna's!  Anna's!".  He's so smart :)  Also, we almost always grace before dinner at home, but one night when Stephen wasn't home I forgot...Aaron reached his hand out to me and it took me a second to realize he was saying "Amen? Amen?" reminding me to say the blessing...also super cute.

They are definitely interacting more with each other, and with Anna, these days.  I watched the boys have a whole conversation with each other tonight that consisted mostly of random thoughts like "Anna, bus!" and "No more! All gone!" but they seemed to be enjoying the talk.  They like to do things together around the rearrange furniture and push the kitchen chairs across the room, sneak into the office and take all of the books off the bottom shelf and then look angelic when they tell me they're reading, open the few cabinets to which we allow them access and pull out every single thing in with two two year-olds is fun!  It actually is more fun now to be able to take them more places.  They require an adult per kid just because they refuse to sit in the stroller and both are always on the move, usually in opposite directions when we're out and about.  We have a busy fall - we've been to the State Fair, Field Days of the Past, Touch-a-Truck, and a reunion, all within the past month...and have the pumpkin patch, their great-grandma's 100th birthday party, and hopefully a few other things in October....very busy!  Because of that, and because I don't foresee any need for any type of developmental update, it'll be a few months before I update again.

Mostly random pictures taken within the last few months

What does the fox say, William?

Aaron gives the firefighter statue a hug.

Aaron & William
Aaron, our hired lawn help

Aaron & William

Anna - the obligatory Kindergarten 1st day photo!

William & Aaron

Cookie Monsters, William & Aaron

William & Aaron, waiting to walk Anna to the bus stop

William wearing my jacket

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  1. The past two years have been an amazing journey for you and the boys. We have been a witness to God' s blessing over your lives. Thank you for sharing! The Adenuga Family prays for continued blessings and happiness. We love you guys and we hope to see you soon!