Monday, June 17, 2013

Almost Two!

Weight check
Both boys are about 25.5 lbs

Developmental Clinic
The boys missed their appointment in March due to a snowstorm, so we were curious as to what the clinic would think of their progress.  To be honest, this appointment is not one we enjoy.  It's tough to watch people who don't know your kids judge their development in a purely clinical setting - sitting in just their diapers in a cold highchair, being asked by strangers to respond to commands.  At this appointment, in typical toddler fashion, Aaron would laugh, shake his head, and just say "no!" to easy questions from the speech therapist that I knew he could answer.  Thankfully, he warmed up after a while and proved that he can, in fact, talk.  After each met with the pediatrician, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and almost with a dentist until we told him they have already been to the dentist twice, we were cleared to go- for good.  I don't have the detailed assessment yet, but they both tested between 20 and 23 months for everything, which is perfect and amazing and awesome.

In related news, Aaron no longer qualifies to receive speech therapy - his vocabulary is exploding daily.  Both boys will be monitored by early intervention monthly, but no services are needed at this time. Yay :)

For two little boys who look a lot alike (at least to people outside of the family), they are very different. Aaron is much more even tempered, laid back, and easy going.  He is generally happy and easy to please...unless someone has something or someone that he wants.  His little temper will flare quickly and often results in biting, which we are trying to stop.  His attention span lasts longer than William's, and he loves to sit in your lap and read.  He's also fascinated with anything with a wheel, and we foresee hiding the keys when his legs are longer so that the car doesn't disappear in the middle of the night :) You can tell he is always thinking about things and figuring them out.  Don't get me wrong, I love all three kids the same, but I'd consider having more if they were all like him.

William, on the other hand, is the more demanding and harder to entertain.  He reacts more instinctively- if he's hungry, tired, bored, or frustrated, he is quick to let you know and will keep letting you know until you fix the issue.  Like his sister did when she was younger (and actually, he's a lot like Anna was at that age), he will bang his head on the floor when he's mad.  He seems to be getting over that phase, which his forehead appreciates.  When he's happy, though, he's super fun and energetic and loves music and dancing.  He's also the sweetest, cuddliest, and the first to share.  When we were at the Children's Museum a few weeks ago, he grabbed two baskets from the apple picking area and handed one to me.  I started to put it back, and he told me "No!", grabbed it back,  and walked it over to his brother so they could both use one in the rocks.  I love the kindness.  He has also just started to say "I'm nice!" which is really cute and funny.  He is starting to wear his glasses more, but I still have a feeling he will need the surgery to correct the right eye crossing inward.  His next eye doctor appointment is in a few weeks, so we may know more then.

They turn two in less than two weeks, which is hard to believe!

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Aaron & William

William, Anna, Aaron

The baskets - William, Grandpa, Aaron



  1. Hi Conley Parents!
    I have read just about every page of your blog and I take great comfort in the progress if your two might survivors! I have a 27 week old (born at 23w5d) boy whose twin passed in the NICU. He has grade 2 and grade 4 bleed. I see that you had a very informed neonatal neurologist. They are a rare bird! I am looking for a second opinion for my little boy. I am Canadian and my NICU doctors keep presssing me to pull life support because his prospects are so poor. No one has recommended an MRI, likely because the skill set to read and interpret the neonatal brain are missing here. I would LOVE to know who your neurologist was in the NICU - and indeed which NICU you were in.

    Thanks, Larissa!

    1. Hi Larissa!

      First, I am very sorry for your loss. My boys were born at Memorial Regional and transferred to St. Mary's in Richmond, VA, both part of the Bon Secours network. If you'd like to email me, I'd love to chat more. I'd rather not put names in the blog :)

      Take care,