Sunday, February 3, 2013

19 Months - with a video!

19 Months

William – 23lbs 10oz
Aaron – 23lbs 2oz
(as of the middle of January)

The boys are growing and thriving.  We moved this month to Hanover, and needless to say, we’ve been busy!  It is quite an undertaking to move with three little kids.  We did finish unpacking the playroom and kids’ bedrooms first, so that they have safe places to go while we finish unpacking the rest.

Everything went well at their 18 month check-up earlier in January.  Our pediatrician is antsy for the boys to go back to the ophthalmologist – specifically William.  While he has the better eyesight, one eye at a time (usually the right, but not always) will occasionally turn in (strabismus).  With his slight farsightedness, this will happen because of difficulty transitioning from looking up close to far away.  I pointed this out to the eye doctor in the fall, but he didn’t notice it and told us to wait until the next appointment and see what happens. Our pediatrician believes he will need surgery to correct it.  From what I’ve researched, this surgery on the eye muscle is one of the most frequently performed eye surgeries and he would recover quickly.  While I, of course, don’t like the need for any surgery or pain inflicted on my kids, he will get it if he needs it. We’ll find out in March.  This really wasn’t a surprise, as you can tell even from some of the pictures I’ve posted on here that his eye will turn in slightly.  The boys have had colds/flu/stomach bugs all in the past month or two (as has the rest of the family) and I am looking forward to nicer weather and at least a week of a healthy house!  I am very thankful that we are still eligible for the Synagis vaccine, as I credit this for keeping them away from RSV.

With our jump into the next county, we have moved out of the service area of the Rural Infant Services Program, the early intervention branch that covers the Northern Neck area.  Hanover County, as with most in the Richmond metro area, has its own EI service, which is one of just two in Virginia that are provided through the school system.  The benefit of this is that the boys could fairly easily move into Hanover’s preschool program after they age out of EI, if services are still needed.  The team from Hanover assessed the boys last week and determined that as of right now… Mr. William has no need for services, but will remain under their observation.  He was a ham for the assessors and is really starting to progress nicely with language.  He will repeat many words and is very, very social.  He’s our rambunctious little wild and musical man J  Starting next week, Aaron will be receiving speech therapy twice a month.  He is starting to say more though, especially “Bye bye,” and school has heard him try to say “push” and “pull” (concepts they are working on there), which are new. He’s definitely behind William in the verbal arena, but he’s getting there.  Aaron is more of the cuddler, who wants to sit in your lap and look at books or play, and is usually the more easy going one. He’s also more sensitive and seems to get his feelings hurt more easily, especially if a toy is taken from him, or someone else is in mommy’s lap J

Are all boys born with an innate ability and desire to wrestle?  William is more of the instigator, but they will head butt each other and roll around each other bumping heads and laughing.  It’s really funny and cute to watch, especially when Aaron is receptive to it instead of whining and pushing him away J I’m so happy that they have each other, and Anna to keep them in line J

We have another developmental clinic in March, and the next eye doctor appointment as well.  I may not update anything until then just because there’s no “news”, so just know that they are (hopefully) happy and healthy until then!


Aaron loved the snow!

William did not love the snow :)
William's "Cheese" face



William, Anna, and Aaron (taken in November)

William and Aaron (taken in November)


Be warned, this is about 6 minutes of craziness that only family and close friends may appreciate, taken right before we moved.  Although it ends with William in tears after falling on his bottom, no babies were harmed during filming of this video!

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