Friday, November 25, 2011


Weight Check
William - 10lbs 6oz
Aaron - 9lbs 13oz

I feel like these posts are becoming very repetitive these days...which is a good thing!  The boys are steadily growing and doing well.  They received another Synagis shot (RSV vaccine) today, but otherwise have no appointments for a few weeks.  William will do a trial off of his oxygen before that next appointment, so we'll see how that goes.  I'm cautiously hopeful that he will be at least partially off of the oxygen some time soon.  I do have cute pictures of the boys from Thanksgiving that I will post within the next few days, although most friends should have seen them already on Facebook.  Aside from the oxygen, by appearance alone I don't think most people would guess their battles to get to this point.   Both boys are smiling now, and quick little moments like William laying half asleep on my chest, flickering open his blue eyes, recognizing me, and turning his whole face into a grin...then nodding back off to sleep again...fill my heart with joy and peace.  We have our babies home, they are healthy, and we are happy.

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