Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick update

Weight Check
William - 9lb 1oz
Aaron - 8lbs 10oz

As you can see, they're still growing...and eating...and eating...and eating!  The boys are doing well.  The neurologist appointment mentioned in the last post went well - they are currently on track for their adjusted age, and will continue to be monitored.  Aaron has another head ultrasound scheduled in a few weeks to make sure that his ventricles haven't enlarged more unexpectedly. 

William also had his follow-up eye exam last week, and, like Aaron, his ROP is GONE :) However...there are now anecdotal incidences of ROP reoccurring several months down the road with Avastin. This is not supported in official research, but the boys will now be seen again in one month instead of six months.  I thought our trips to Stony Point would be over for a while!  I did ask if this meant that laser surgery would again be preferred, and the opthamologist assured me that he would still choose Avastin if it was him.  If the ROP does come back, though, laser surgery would be the next step.  Prayers that it does not return!

I believe William's room air trial is the only other update - it will happen next month, before their next pulmonologist appointment.  Hopefully by then he will be ready to come off of the oxygen.  It's not horrible, it's just somewhat limiting and the tubing hides his beautiful face :)

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